International Dyslexia Association Promotes Literacy Through Research And Education

By: - Non Profit Organizations - June 24, 2011
international dyslexia association promotes literacy through research and education

The International Dyslexia Association, also known as IDA, is a non-profit organization that supports people who are dyslexic as well as their families with complex issues related to dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a developmental reading disorder and happens when the brain doesn’t recognize or process symbols correctly. It is not necessary a vision issue but how the brain interprets certain areas of language either in writing or arithmetic or both areas.

The International Dyslexia Association includes professionals, those who are dyslexic and their family members partnering together to show support for the mission. International Dyslexia Association facts help people get familiar with what the organization does and how they support dyslexic individuals. The organization supports special teaching concepts and clinical educational strategies for those who are dyslexic.

The organization is actively involved in scientific research related to dyslexia including providing funding for numerous research projects throughout the United States. The IDA has donated thousands of dollars in grants to children’s health research centers and college universities to help with ongoing studies. Other International Dyslexia Association facts include grant donations that have been made in other parts of the world including the United Kingdom and China to support research efforts on a global scale. The organization has provided funding to numerous research studies since 1997.

Over the years, the IDA has developed branches and global partners that help them tackle issues and support dyslexic individuals. Through their website you can search their database of branches by state and review their global partners. You can also learn about upcoming events and meetings that discuss issues surrounding dyslexia. Each year the IDA has an annual conference that features scholarships, exhibits and more. The annual conference extends over several days and includes meeting sessions, special events such as auctions, dinner & live entertainment and an exhibit hall with tutor training centers and learning experiences. The IDA provides fact sheets on dyslexia and related language based learning issues. The information gives basic information on dyslexia as well as learning about the evaluation and testing process.

The IDA supports research for dyslexia as well as explores causes of the disorder and early identification of its symptoms. The International Dyslexia Association believes everyone is entitled to achieve their potential and those with learning disabilities can build strength in social, educational and language areas to overcome barriers to help them achieve their goals. The International Dyslexia Association facts, as well as their purpose, provide comprehensive information and services that fully detail dyslexia, understanding the difficulties in learning to read and write and the issues surrounding the disorder.