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By: - Science - May 29, 2011

Insectlore is the perfect hang out and place for gifts if you have a soon to be entomologist in your home.  I refer of course to a child whose dream of working with bugs is beyond anything that any parent dreamt about.  Though this might seem like a nightmare to many parents, the reality is that Insectlore products are highly educational and bring nature to life through kits and exploration for many Europeans and Americans of all ages.  Their collections are outstanding and sold even in the best nature and hobby stores.

Insectlore is not only renowned for its Insectlore products, but its customer service.  The company has friendly staff, ships in a hurry and fast too, and all of the packaging is limited to environmentally friendly and biodegradable products.  Most kids receive their kits and rip the stuff open anyway, so fancy packaging is not needed.  The products speak for themselves.

The products that this company produces are kits that get the kids outside.  Even teenagers are joining the hunt for  painted lady caterpillars as the younger ones capture, box up and even examine chrysalides, waiting with baited breath until they turn into butterflies.  Yes, as a result of this company the neighborhoods of the US and Europe are overflowing with young entomologists.  These kits enable them to leave no log or rock unturned.  Each leaf reveals a new learning experience as they net their catches.  In fact, the butterfly kit is amongst the most popular product that they sell.  For next to nothing, better than a vacation or trip to the candy store, kids get metamorphosis for free.

Another good product is the Creature Peeper with its large magnifier to allow kids to analyze each insect they catch from their thorax to the balls of their eyes.  It even comes with a shatterproof, glass bug jar, ideal for studying beetles and grasshoppers with its mesh top.  For more fun, kids can pull out the port a bug mesh tent that folds easily into a kids pocket for simple storage.  They can set up lots of the tents in their back yards and gardens, creating an insect zoo of their own.  There are even gardening sets and growing kits that add extra excitement.

Insectlore has something for every kid in all of us.  The Insectlore products are just begging for even adult sized kids to buy them.  That is why each product is so well manufactured, designed to last from one generation of kids to the next.

Photo: monarch butterfly – copyright 2007 Haar Fager, reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0

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