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By: - Nails - July 20, 2011
ingrown toenail remedies what is best

Some people have bitter memories of ingrown toenails, but there are more modern ingrown toenail remedies that make it an easier and less painful process.  Unfortunately though, the ingrown toenail remedy is outstanding, but it cannot work well if you do not catch the infection early, which can just make matters worse.  If the infection gets bad enough you may simply lose both the ingrown and normal nail.  However, with special precautions losing your nail and treating those horrible ingrown versions can be a simple thing.

Ingrown toenail remedies vary depending on the reason for the ingrown situation.  A person who has the condition due to diabetes may actually have poor circulation, and as such cannot use an ingrown toenail remedy by themselves.  In fact, what makes matters worse for a diabetic is if the ingrown toenail becomes infected or causes a wound in the foot that festers, the healing process is hampered and can take forever to happen.  If left without treatment, the risk of the infection spreading or gangrene setting in is high, which can end up with a potential amputation.  So, if this has not scared you enough, it should.  Never leave a wound connected to your feet, nails, eyes or any part of your body that has become infected, which is close to veins and arteries because the infection can easily spread into your blood and kill you, and this is not a joke or scare tactic! The reality is that the best remedies for ingrown toenails is not to get one at all, or prevention versus a cure.  However, the first step to treatment is to soak your affected toe in warm, sterile water.  You will find that the sore feeling will subside further if you add some Epsom salts, soaking your toe for about 5 to 10 minutes twice daily.  If you add an astringent to the mix, putting your entire feet in the solution, soaking for about half an hour nightly, the inflammation will be reduced considerably and the ingrown nail will grow out on its own.  Another thing you can do to prevent any infections is to apply a cream type of antiobiotic and if the skin is broken, apply the cream and cover it in a clean dressing, but never ever try to be a surgeon and try to use your nail clippers to remove the nail because your chances of getting it infected are higher.  Another thing to do is to keep your nails dead straight, not curved and frequently cut, followed by putting on only white socks, avoiding nylons due to the colorants that can irritate your ingrown nail.  Then, get some quality shoes that do not crush your feet, avoiding any high heels to avoid toe pressure, or buy some sandals to keep the pressure of all together.  Most importantly, do not wear open toed or open shoes when walking in urban areas or across country to avoid picking up germs.  Oh, and if you think those old wives’ tales work, forget them because they simply are just that – tall tales that do not work.

Ingrown toenail remedies are tried and true, not based on fictional fantasies.  If all else fails, your doctor can recommend a laser fungus treatment to stop your ingrown toe nail issues in their tracks.  It may take a bit of time, but with patience and this ingrown toenail remedy, the chances that your feet will be healthy again in no time.

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