Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment

Looking At Surgery

By: - Nails - September 13, 2011
ingrown toenail home treatment looking at surgery

The development of an ingrown toenail can cause a lot of discomfort at first and lead to some serious issues involving possible infection and of course pain to the unfortunate person afflicted as such.  There are a variety of ingrown toenail home treatment measures that you can find on the internet or even in printed literature in your doctor’s office.  Should the matter prove too difficult owing to complications or an advanced state of infection, ingrown toenail surgery may be your only option.

Lets discuss some ingrown toenail home treatment strategies that can be employed proactively to prevent them from happening and what to do should you begin to develop the problem and eliminate the need for ingrown toenail surgery.  There are a number of causes to the ingrown toenail and simple avoidance of things such as tight fitting footwear or high heeled shoes, and improper toenail cutting methods will make a drastic difference.  However things such as a genetic predisposition and fungus will give you no alternative but to seek an ingrown toenail home treatment option.  In no way should you perform ingrown toenail surgery within your home even on the simplest level.  Seek out medical attention instead of this on your own!

If you have a less serious issue at hand, you can try immersing your foot into some warm water with some added salts to the fluid although they aren’t a necessity.  Do this four times daily and ensure to wash the area with soap at least twice a day, keeping it as dry as you can.

Another ingrown toenail home treatment which mimics to a certain extent the ingrown toenail surgery option is that of placing a cotton gauze wick in between the toenail and the flesh.  Lifting the  infected nail,place the wick in between the flesh and the nail.  Change this periodically to avoid a discharge that will cause further infection.  It may hurt considerably but this ingrown toenail home treatment is preferable, I am sure, to that of the ingrown toenail surgery option in the doctor’s office.

Try these ingrown toenail home treatment ideas at home for about a week or so, but if the problem doesn’t appear to have been alleviated then you may wish to consult with your doctor about other ingrown toenail home treatment options or even ingrown toenail surgery.  The initial preventative measure against acquiring these unwelcome problems is to check your foot wear and keep your feet clean and dry.

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