Infant Shoe Size Chart - Easy Fitting Shoes

Infant Shoe Size Chart – Easy Fitting Shoes

By: - Babies - September 15, 2011
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Everyone loves the tiny shoes made for infants. They are small, sweet and pretty unnecessary, but everyone needs to make sure they accessorize at times. When looking to buy baby shoes, there are some things you can keep in mind. When you shop for shoes, look for an infant shoe size chart or baby shoe size chart to help find the right size for your baby.

It is essential that when babies wear footwear that it fits properly. Your baby’s foot will be developing through the time they are wearing shoes and the best way to know if you have the right size or not, you should refer to an infant shoe size chart. Determining the right size should be easy when using a baby shoe size chart.  Your baby’s feet will grow quickly as they go from infant to walking stages so it is important to measure their feet at least every 2 months or so.

There are basically four types of infant footwear. The first is referred to as crib stage footwear. These are for newborns and come in sizes 00 to 2. A size two is usually slightly less than 4 inches. When the crib stage footwear is grown out of, the crawling footwear is worn. These shoes actually have a cloth sole that crib stage footwear does not, just in case your baby begins using their feet to stand at this stage. They are sized from 0 – 3, or just over about 4 inches.

After crawling footwear, if you had a baby shoe size chart, you could see the next stage is training stage shoes. These have a much stronger rubber sole and they are non-skid as your baby begins to get his or her footing. Sizes for these run from 2 – 5 or up to about 5 inches in length. When the training stage is completed, walking shoes can be introduced. These shoes give support and are like typical children’s shoes. They are sized from 2 to 10 and go up to about 7 inches when you baby will go into normal children’s sizes.

If you want an advantage when shopping for your baby’s shoes, you can download and print and infant shoe size chart from the internet. Knowing what size your baby is at the time can save you some time and hassle when shopping for shoes. Since they will go through shoes quickly, it can be an advantage to have one at home.