Indoor Tanning Lotion What%E2%80%99s The Difference

-What’s The Difference?

By: - Beauty - July 13, 2011
indoor tanning lotion what%E2%80%99s the difference

While many people desire the bronzed look of sun kissed skin, achieving the perfect tan isn’t always easy. During the summer months, a trip to the beach is often a quick fix for summer skin, but during the winter months, a good tan isn’t always so effortless. Indoor tanning supplemented with indoor tanning lotion is often a practical option for the avid tanner. Indoor tanning lotions vary slightly from their outdoor counterparts but are still a valuable tool in any tanning bed arsenal.

Typically, indoor tanning lotion is less greasy than outdoor lotions because tanning beds are delicate and can be easily damaged by greasy lotions.  Apart from the feel of indoor tanning lotions, there are several other key factors to keep in mind when choosing an indoor tanning lotion. Though all lotions generally moisturize the skin, indoor tanning skin lotions also boast a bevy of other ingredients and promises that are often confusing.

Some of the most common terms in indoor tanning lotions are accelerators and maximizers. Accelerators are typically for people who are just beginning to tan indoors and are designed to help individuals achieve a solid base tan. Because moisturized skin generally tans more rapidly, accelerators help skin maintain a tan longer and faster. Maximizers are designed for people who already have a base tan, or have reached a tanning plateau and wish to continue the tanning process.

An additional term often used in indoor skin tanning lotion is the tingle factor. The tingle effect is meant to describe the degree of increase of blood flow that occurs at the skin level. This action is believed to speed up the repair process of skin, which causes the skin to tan at a more rapid rate. Tingle lotions are generally found in maximizers and contain chemicals or irritants that flush the skin. For this reason, some people find tingle lotions to be very uncomfortable and should not be used on sensitive skin, or on anyone who is just beginning to tan.

A final common element in indoor skin tanning lotion is the inclusion of bronzers. Bronzers are often found in accelerators and maximizers and are essentially a self-tanning lotion that is mixed with indoor tanning lotion to guarantee an instant result. Because these lotions have an instant effect, it is important to be thorough when applying a bronzer to avoid a streaked or messy look. The idea of a bronzer is that it allows a tanner instant gratification and results while the skin beneath continues to develop a tan.

Not all indoor tanning lotions are created equal and require thorough research before choosing the best option. Other factors to consider include lotions with caffeine that are designed to reduce puffiness and energize the skin, and lotions with shimmer that provide a luminous look. Knowing the options available for an indoor skin tanning lotion helps assure that you can get the most out of an indoor tanning experience – at least until the sun comes back out again.

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