Incentive Spirometer

How Does It Help?

By: - Health & Fitness - April 29, 2011
incentive spirometer

Taking deep breaths will help exercise your lungs by filling them up with air. This can be achieved by breathing in slowly and deeply. Breathing in slowly and deeply to fill them up with air will help open the air sacs in your lungs and can ensure fewer future problems. This deep breathing process will for sure keep your lungs in a healthier condition both when you are in a hospital and when you are out of it.

In order to check how well someone is doing with taking deep breaths the incentive spirometer is a breathing device used to determine breathing rate. Considering the fact that without healthy lungs a human being will not be capable and able enough to perform many day to day duties and any damage to them may further lead to diseases spreading into other parts of the body, keeping such important things in mind incentive spirometers will help to keep your lungs healthy.

Looking back at this spirometers history, it was first developed in the 1970s and a new therapy called incentive spirometry came into trend. The incentive spirometry is both an effective and appropriate technique for bronchial hygiene. The incentive spirometer allows patients to perform, without any added resistance, sustained maximal inspirations. The spirometers used today have an advantage over the spirometers which were used early on; they have a simple method to increase the flow in order to reach the goal plus these new devices cost less than the old ones.

Another advantage of incentive spirometer is that it is an effective means of reinstate normal preoperative pulmonary function in post surgical patients. Even though such patients may be enthusiastic to improve their current state but pain often makes it hard for them to take deep unremitting breaths. Such spirometers help the recovering patients to take deep breaths while being able to “see” them and count them. Alongside monitoring his own progress a patient is given an incentive by seeing his progress. In order to check how well a patient is doing an indicator serves as a gauge to measuring how well his lungs are functioning. This is being done by sustained inhalation vacuum indicating.

It is equally important that patients get to know how to use incentive spirometers. The first step is to hold the device straight up in front so that it in the right position. The second step quite simply, involves breathing out. In the third step you should close your lips tightly across the mouthpiece. Then Inhale slowly and deeply through your mouth in the fourth step. This will raise the piston as the air sacs in your lungs open. When you feel you cannot breath in any longer then take out the mouthpiece in the fifth step. In the next step hold your breath for 3-5 seconds then breathe out slowly. In the next steps just repeat the same things 10 times until you feel dizzy. Repeat these steps every 2 hours or as directed.

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