Importance Of Eating Breakfast - Is It A Big Deal If You Skip It

Importance Of Eating Breakfast – Is It A Big Deal If You Skip It?

By: - Nutrition - September 27, 2011
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If you skip breakfast, you are not alone, but you are certainly not making a very smart decision. The main reason people give for skipping breakfast is they are trying to lose weight. Did you know one of the benefits of eating breakfast is that it can actually help you lose weight?  Perhaps reading and understanding the following information will help change your mind about “breaking your fast” and knowing the importance of eating breakfast.

Studies show that one of the great benefits of eating breakfast is that it raises your attention span, helps you focus at work or school and gives you higher productivity. It has been shown that school aged children who ate breakfast performed better in school and have higher grades, on average than those children who do not eat breakfast. As adults, similar studies have been done that show workers who eat breakfast are more likely to get promotions and pay raises than their non-breakfast eating colleagues.

If you are one of those people who are cranky and irritable in the morning, one of the benefits of eating breakfast is a quick turnaround of those feelings. No one likes you in the morning when you are crabby and you probably don’t like yourself much either at that point. Eat something and you will soon feel better.

If you want to know about weight loss and the importance of eating breakfast, here it is. The rate in which your body burns calories is directly related to your metabolism. When you don’t eat, your metabolism slows down. When your metabolism is slow, you are not burning calories and not losing weight.  Eating something in the morning after several hours of sleeping will jump start your metabolism and get it well on its way to burn calories throughout the rest of the day. Additional studies have shown that eating a healthy and balanced breakfast can help prevent obesity, high blood pressure and even diabetes in individuals who may be prone to get these diseases.

Though the importance of eating breakfast is well known, eating an unhealthy breakfast, such as a fast food breakfast sandwich and hash brown will definitely not help your health. You will be getting almost half of the recommended calories and fat grams from that one meal than you should throughout the entire day. Healthy breakfasts made of whole grains, fruits and proteins are the absolute best way to get the great benefits of eating breakfast.