Ikea USA Locations

Getting More Than You Bargained On

By: - International Business - July 25, 2011
ikea usa locations getting more than you bargained on

There are many Ikea USA locations, an extension of the original Swedish chain that opened in Europe in the 1940s, spreading throughout Scandinavia.  Ikea USA locations in USA did not follow until the late seventies, after the chain had spread its amazing stores into the rest of Europe, the UK, Australia, Asia and Canada.  With more than three hundred stores worldwide, the company finally entered the Internet Age, using an online locator with country based websites for over thirty-eight countries, including the United States.  In fact, the majority of USA locations are found within easy distance of major roads and are conveniently positioned to accommodate the needs of those who use public transport.

Ikea USA locations had their original headquarters constructed in Pennsylvania, in a place called Plymouth Meeting.  However, it was relocated to nearby Conshohocken, leaving the original building to be fully demolished in the early 1990s.  Since then Ikea USA locations in USA have sprung up seemingly everywhere.  California saw three locations opening up first, before the chain spread its wings to include retail outlets in the city of Tampa in Florida, the city of Charlotte in North Carolina and finally a store in the city of Brooklyn in the state of New York.  At present Ikea is planning many more openings, including this year, at the end of July in Colorado.  However, because of the popularity of Ikea furnishings and products, the demand for more stores is huge and the expansion across every state is no doubt on the cards for one of the most well-loved European companies in modern times.

Ikea USA locations may be few at present, but more are to come.  Ikea USA locations in USA are huge facilities.  They offer modern and affordable furnishings for all tastes, needs and budgets.  Their mainstay is what is attracting many Americans, the use of compacted carry-home packages with furniture that is flat-packable and easy to assemble with inclusive tools in every package.  The locations have continued to carry fund trinkets and accessories for the home as they originally started doing during World War II, but have expanded that further, so much so that there are few people who could mistake their factory sized stores in yellow and blue from any other major mega-store around.  But, it is the product volume, variety, style and prices that have helped Ikea shine even in the US.  Most outlets have multiple showrooms that are fun to explore and kid friendly.  They show how you can use every one of their products in simply layouts ranging from the ultra modern to the very traditional.  Other areas are reserved for textiles, kitchen goods, lighting, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, kids’ rooms and office needs.  Each US location has its own clearance area, garden and outdoor center, small market, restaurant, café and even a place for young kids to have fun or watch movies with a full and free babysitting service.  Best of all, Ikea has become a place where Americans just simply hangout, not only for buying things, but for the many events that the stores host throughout the year, including their traditional Swedish Christmas in-store parades and their specials on their famed Scandinavian meatballs.

Photo: Ikea – universal public domain declaration – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:IKEA_Wembley_Bargain_Corner.jpg