Ikea Platform Bed

Raising The Bar

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
ikea platform bed raising the bar

Platform beds are basically beds that have a solid wooden base sitting in a box like structure.  All you have to do is put your mattress on the base and you have a bed.  So, if you want to find a good platform bed, one of the best on the market today is the Ikea platform bed.  Ikea platform beds come in varied styles, designs and colors.  You can even enjoy solid wood or metal if you prefer.

The earlier form of platform beds came in two different forms, including the cabin variety found on boats and ships and the flat to the ground variety found in many homes.  The Ikea platform bed has two different base types, one with a solid panel of wood or metal and the other with metal straps that are held together with very strong fabric straps.  Most importantly, it should be noted that Ikea did not invent this type of bed, though they have no doubt contributed to a modern version that has gained great popularity since the 1970s.  The original platform bed may have been around for thousands of years because for as long as people had to suffer sleeping on the cold and very hard ground, finding a more comfortable perch has no doubt been on the minds of many ancients, including no doubt cave men.  However, Ikea platform beds have come a long way since the day of wooden trees stretched across the ground, soft ferns and mosses to keep the base softer and mounds of straw to create the pre-box spring mattress.  In fact, such beds developed all over the world.

The Ikea platform bed is one of the most affordable you can find.  You will have to buy yourself a good mattress, one that specifically fits into the dimensions provided to avoid slippage and ensure a safe and comfortable place to rest.  You can make you bed and leave it made until you need it again, but take note that Ikea beds tend to be designed based on the European sizes of beds, so getting yourself a mattress from them is probably easier.  Ikea platform beds have very sturdy steel legs with special bases to avoid cutting into a wooden floor or quality piece of carpeting.  In most cases, if you already have the proper structure to support your bed, the cost of getting one of the Ikea platform style beds is about the same as getting a standard box spring bed, but you save lots of money because the beds are designed to last for a lifetime and come with back up support from their outstanding customer service center.  Really, you cannot go wrong with one of these beds if you follow the instructions properly and take care of your bed appropriately.  Note: platform beds are not designed for jumping on or playing on as the hinge section on any Murphy bed can be damaged this way, weakening it, not matter whether you get yours from Ikea or another place.

Photo: bed – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bunk_bed.jpg