Ikea Murphy Bed

Getting Back To Basic

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
ikea murphy bed getting back to basic

When you think of a wall bed, the most recent example of this, the Ikea Murphy bed comes to mind.  Used in Europe for generations, especially in the small apartments in Sweden and Holland, Murphy beds have enabled large families to live in confined spaces without feeling that they have no space at all.  In fact, the popularity of the Ikea Murphy beds is on the rise again.

The Ikea Murphy bed includes the frame and the mechanism by which you can install your bed in a wall or cupboard.  Complete instructions take you through the exact procedure, but you should have your structure assessed by a professional to ensure that your wall or cupboard is strong enough to support such a bed.  The main strain on the wall or cupboard occurs when the bed is lowered or raised from the flat position.  Though the mechanism is very strong on the Ikea version of this bed, if your support structure is weak, you can run the risk of accidents or even injuries.  So, when you go to buy your bed from Ikea, speak to one of the experts there to find out what the criteria is for support.  You may have to reinforce your support structure, even add in special frames to ensure that your bed does not simply pop out of the wall and cause damage or hurt someone.  Before you attempt any installations or buy your bed, also check up on your local town, city or village by-laws as some places do have special laws regarding the support structure needed.

The Ikea Murphy bed is a super thing to have if you have a small room.  Though the term used is very North American, you can find them more often in Europe described as a pull down or wall bed.  Its hinges store the bed and keep the mattress in place using strappings.  Almost any type of mattress can be used as the bed does not have the traditional box spring base.  Ikea Murphy beds support the mattress that you buy with a wire cage mesh, so strong that nothing can break them, except for very strong wire cutters.  Because Ikea has enabled a resurgence in their popularity at an affordable price, you can even add in additional storage area, lighting and other things so that when you lower your new bed, you have a mini bedroom in a closet.  Even if you mount your bed in the alcove of a wall, you can put up your favorite cupboard doors and leave your bed made until you need it at night.  Best of all, this Ikea bed makes for a comfortable night’s sleep and you can guarantee that you will never have to suffer sleeping on a sofa bed or fold up bed again because your room is simply too small for a normal bed.  If you are just using it for guests, you can pack it away until it is needed.

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