Ikea Bunk Beds

What To Expect

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
ikea bunk beds what to expect

Ikea bunk beds come in all sizes and varieties, including those for adults.  Though the Ikea bunk bed was originally brought out in North America to deal with kids and teens, in Europe the beds are there for saving space and providing additional options when living in some small homes or apartments.  However, you should be aware that these bunk beds vary in quality and materials.  The reality is that the older ones still found in homes across the US and Canada are far more sturdy than some of the more modern types being sold in the store.  This is not because Ikea has compromised on its quality, but that the North American market has demanded lighter materials and more ultra-modern appearances instead of the heavy woods that many North American bunk beds were originally made from.

Ikea bunk beds are without a doubt stylish and trendy.  Many a kid has grown up with the pine version and has passed this onto their kids in later years.  However, the recent Ikea bunk bed generally is made of metal tubing, but the tubing is not the problem that most people are having issues with.  The tubing is made generally of steel, making it very solid, but some customers have reported issues with the screw holes, some of which have either been too big or too small.  Though the reason for this is not known, one can only assume that the standards being used to drill these holes during their manufacturing may be the issue.  Despite this, it means that beds are solid and secure, but they wiggle around just enough to make a hideous squeak when the person sleeping on them moves about in the night.  This squeaking can mean that the sleeper is awoken or cannot get to sleep at all.

Just when you thought that buying Ikea bunk beds was not for you, please think again.  As with any screw hole, a remedy that is readily used when putting screws into walls can be applied to the Ikea bunk bed.  Firstly, you can opt for steel washers to fit with the screw and also ask Ikea customer service for bigger screws to accommodate this.  Quite often the customer service people are very helpful and more than happy to accommodate, replace or even refund a product with issues.  Secondly, always check to see that you are using the screw that was matched with the holes to begin with.  Though the issues surrounding the screw holes is not common, the problem has arisen and to date appears to be the only issue surrounding these bunk beds.  All-in-all, the bunk beds from Ikea are outstanding, strong enough to hold even the biggest kid.  The support is strong and the tubing with which the frame is made is tough and close to impossible to break.  The only issue is the screw holes, so if you get a problem, call customer service first and see what they can help you with.  If all else fails and you are not willing to have a different bunk bed, get those washers and you will find that the bed no longer squeaks.

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