Human Cloning Pros And Cons

– How Far Should We Go?

By: - Science - May 8, 2011
human cloning pros and cons

As animal cloning becomes more and more accepted, we need to discuss human cloning pros and cons. Cloning creates identical plants, organisms, animals and humans. They are created scientifically, within laboratories. Not that long ago, the idea was only fictional, but experiments conducted in recent years have astonished people all over the world.

There are disadvantages of human cloning, of course, and the ethical discussions continue today. While it may be advantageous to clone animals, to bring back species that are nearly extinct, it still seems unethical to many to reproduce humans. Humans are individuals, and we do not want to see clones of people, to reduce that uniqueness. And what is death, if there can be immediate re-emergence of life, in the same form?

The cloning of animals and plants may be beneficial to humanity, in a way that human cloning may not be. The list of human cloning pros and cons includes the remarkable aspect of the triumph of science. Some people will always challenge the idea of cloning humans, especially if they believe in God, and in His omnipotence.

Cloning can give life to what may someday have life no more, so humans can be givers of life. Cloning animals gives future generations a chance to see animals that might otherwise become extinct, and cloning grains may help to feed a hungry world. One of the disadvantages of human cloning is the fact that although we know one cloned sheep is like the original, how does a cloned human feel? Are his emotions and needs the same as the man from which he was cloned? What if the clone goes on to commit heinous crimes?

Human cloning is a medical milestone, but not immune to ethical questions. Dwelling on the human cloning pros and cons, you’ll learn that cloning can be misused by unscrupulous people, making the topic even more controversial. The debate among scientists, religious people and intellectuals is hot. The United Nations has banned human cloning, and many countries joined together to declare that it is a violation of individual human dignity.

Individual countries are also calling for a human cloning ban. This is one of the most stunning disadvantages of human cloning, since if the process is illegal, only people cloning for illegal purposes may be using the process. It’s not like just any scientist can perform cloning, which is a positive aspect, since cloning in the hands of someone with ill will could be a frightening event.