Htc Pyramid Release Date - Info You Need

HTC Pyramid Release Date – Info You Need

By: - Mobile Phones - September 7, 2011
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The HTC Pyramid release date has come and gone, but that only means it is available in stores right now. Since the HTC Pyramid release date of May 19, 2011, it has become quite popular and highly rated. Also known as the HTC Sensation the HTC Pyramid TMobile carries has an Android 2.3 operating system and a dual core Qualcomm MSM 8260 processor. Known as a “candy bar” shape, the HTC Pyramid from TMobile is slightly heavier than the average cell phone and size-wise is 4.96 x 2.57 x 0.44.

A touch screen phone, the HTC Pyramid/Sensation is a 4G phone with a great battery capacity having about 8 hours of talk time per charge and 325 hours of standby time. One of the favorite features of this phone is the camera which is 8 megapixels. It offers auto focus, geo tagging, white balance and several special effects that will make your photos look amazing. It also serves as a video camera with a resolution of 1920×1080 (1080p HD) which is about 30 fps.

Other features of the phone include its web browsing capacity and it supports both Flash and HTML. There is an FM radio included in the phone and the YouTube player is ready to go right from the box. It has a contoured glass screen which gives it a unique advantage over its competitors. You will notice it is set back slightly to allow for this cool feature.

Overall user reviews for this phone are great, ranging from 7/10 to 10/10 depending on the features being reviewed. The lower 7/10 comes from the battery, which is ranked as average when compared to other smart phones. Smart phones in general have less battery life than other phones due to the amount of processing it does. The highest scores were given for the text input, display, internet speed and build quality. Customer comments for this phone include “One of the best phones I have ever used” and “This phone is solid and super fast.”

The HTC Pyramid from TMobile is exclusive to that carrier at this time. You can get it from TMobile for $99.99 with a new contract or for $149.99 with a contract extension. If you want to buy the phone without having a contract from TMobile, the retail price is $559.99. Since the HTC Pyramid release date has already passed in May of 2011, it is available now at your local TMobile store or online from TMobile’s website.

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