How To Treat Ringworm - Get Rid Of It Now

How To Treat Ringworm – Get Rid Of It Now

By: - Disease & Illness - September 2, 2011
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Knowing how to get rid of ringworm usually isn’t that difficult. Ringworm isn’t even a worm, it is a fungus, so using typical fungus treatments can work very well for ringworm. How to treat ringworm probably will depend on what you have on hand and the severity of the fungus. Ringworm causes a lot of itchiness and pain, so those are usually the ailments that are focused on when looking into how to treat ringworm.  Your skin may be quite red as well and you will see the distinctive circle on your skin indication a ringworm infestation is going on.

A ringworm infestation will rarely get out of control, but if it doesn’t heal with these treatments, see a doctor for prescription medications. Ringworm is caused by the fungi “tinea” which is the same fungus responsible for athlete’s foot and jock itch. When you know how to get rid of ringworm, you will also know how to get rid of athlete’s foot and jock itch as well, so keep that in mind for future reference. One of the best home remedies if you have ringworm is a double team attack with tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar. Using the tea tree oil topically throughout the day then soaking the area in apple cider vinegar before bed will be a great way to get rid of ringworm in a matter of days. Another home remedy for ringworm is to put Selsun Blue medication shampoo on the infected area. Apply it 2-3 times a day and it typically completely removes it in a week or two.

When asking a friend how to get rid of ringworm, they may suggest an over the counter remedy. Any athlete’s foot or jock itch treatment can work just as well on ringworm. Lamisil is a popular and highly recommended cream you can get in most drug stores. Another great remedy you can find at the drug store is Monistat. Yes, this is the Monistat used to treat yeast infections and it works great on ringworm.

When you know how to treat ringworm you will be quite popular with high school and college wrestlers as they are commonly stricken with the fungus. Children also get ringworm quite easily, so some of these home remedies can work great for them, especially the Selsun Blue. They will probably think it is pretty cool to be blue for week or two. Again, if none of these treatments work, don’t take a chance. Get into see a doctor for the best treatment.