How To Refinish Furniture

Furniture Repainting

By: - Home Improvement - September 21, 2011
how to refinish furniture furniture repainting

You have recently acquired a new, old piece of furniture, so to speak and you would like to refurbish it, but, being an amateur, you have to ask someone how to refinish furniture.  There is more involved than simply just repainting furniture and below you will find some ideas on just how to accomplish the task.

Out with the old and in with the new.  When you change suits, you don’t just put a new one over the old.  The same applies with furniture.  Repainting furniture to give it that new look with the right finish and color is a step by step and involved process.  So, how to refinish furniture is done by taking the item apart first, if it can be done.  In that way, you can remove the finish from each piece completely and without hindrance from corners or crevices.  There are a couple of ways that you can accomplish this task.  One is through the use of chemical finish strippers, sanding and heat guns too for those finishes that are difficult to remove.  Hand sanding is a preferable method to the use of actual sanding guns as they can remove more than you want especially if you have not got the experience with one, plus if there are curved edges this can be hard to do. Chemical strippers are a fast and easy way to remove any old paint and varnish from the furniture and there will only be a minimal amount of sanding to do once this is done.  Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area so as not to fill the air of an enclosed space with noxious fumes.

Repainting furniture and how to refinish furniture is nearly an identical process with the exception to the finish versus the paint.  Once you have completed the refinishing process you simply have to sand to remove any small anamolies that appear on the wood.  If you are planning on doing this by hand, use a 120 paper and then switch to the finishing sand paper with a 220 grain.  Irrespective of how much stain you use or the amount of paint that you apply, any mistakes or over sanded areas will not be covered or obscured.  Rather, the contrary may apply in which those bad areas will be accentuated more so. Remember that as with painting, the application of stain should be done along with the wood grain.  There are a large number of stains and oils available and some are specific for the kind of wood that you are looking for.  It is not a once size fits all, after all.

Finally, when you are repainting furniture, this is a matter of your choice.  There are different colored stains and oils that you can use but don’t forget, that you again must paint alone the grains of wood.  Repainting furniture is the same as how to refinish furniture.  Go with the flow and go with the grain.

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