How To Reduce Redness Of Pimples

Reducing Facial Redness

By: - Skin Care - September 13, 2011
how to reduce redness of pimples reducing facial redness

Sometimes what is worse than acne and more noticeable is the redness and the enflamed appearance of your skin.  So, if you are really stuck as to how to reduce redness of pimples and how to reduce facial redness in general, these tips may help you sooth your skin and make your appearance more to your liking.

So, what causes this redness?  There are many possibilities, including Cushing’s Syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, rosacea, and alcohol flushing, as well as sunburn, but rarely in this modern world with vaccinations can it be caused by scarlet fever or rubella.  The first two things are immunity conditions which require medicated treatments to control the diseases versus the redness.  Alcohol flushing is reduced by simply reducing the amount of alcohol you drink and keeping yourself calm as you are in fact raising your blood pressure and causing the flushing effect.  Both rubella and scarlet fever facial redness is simple to prevent – vaccinations!  So, how to reduce redness of pimples and how to reduce facial redness? What are the tricks?  Toothpaste is a popular thing to put on pimples and the reddened areas around them, stopping the spread of oils and sterilizing the infection, reducing the redness, even eliminating it if you leave it on for an entire night.  Another options is to use a gentle exfoliant, preferably a charcoal type of mask which absorbs the oils and any bad bacteria, cleaning your skin deeply.  A tomato or cucumber slice put on the affected area and left there for approximately fifteen minutes, will stop the redness, drawing out the dirt, oils and bacteria, reducing the onset of an infection and the redness, which is really an inflammation.  To bleach to the redness and kill the bacteria at the same time, applying cider vinegar as an astringent is far better than any other astringent or cleansing method, used for thousands of years and still around because it really works.

Now that you have learned how to reduce redness of pimples and how to reduce facial redness, hopefully you will have more confidence in your appearance.  Remember that facial redness and pimple inflammation are caused by , but the best way to deal with this is to .

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