How To Make Hair Grow Faster - Home Remedies

How To Make Hair Grow Faster – Home Remedies

By: - Hair - September 8, 2011
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Many people are on the search for ways and wonder how to make hair grow faster. There are plenty of suggestions and home remedies to make hair grow faster. The trick comes in when you have to determine what really works and what may just be a waste of time.  Knowing a few methods on how to make hair grow faster can help you save time and soon have long, beautiful tresses.

One of the best home remedies to make hair grow faster is simple nutrition and supplements. Eating healthy foods with protein, fruits and vegetables with vitamins and keeping processed foods out of your diet can definitely help your hair grow faster and stronger. Taking some over the counter multivitamins can also help. Eliminate alcohol and nicotine as well as other drugs in addition to stress and you will soon see results.

If you are looking for other home remedies to make hair grow faster, try oils. Coconut oil in particular can help stimulate hair growth. Using coconut oil as a conditioner for instance and massaging it into your scalp when washing it will soon stimulate hair growth. If you cannot get coconut oil, olive oil can work well too.  Massage can be great for hair growth as well, so getting a professional Indian hair massage from a professional can help as well. You can also get into the habit of massaging your scalp daily which can help.

Another method of helping your hair grow faster is to use vitamin rich shampoos and to only wash your hair every few days instead of every day. When you wash your hair you wash out all of the natural oils out of your scalp that your hair needs to look good. By only washing every few days, you hair will start to look shinier and become more strong that if you wash once a day. Getting a trim every 6 weeks or so can also help your hair grow.

Knowing how to make hair grow faster can be very beneficial. A few other things you can do to get your hair growing quick is to brush it differently. For instance, brushing your hair when totally wet, like when straight out of the shower can be quite damaging. Waiting until it air dries a bit and is semi wet is much healthier for your hair and scalp. Taking and combining these tips will certainly help your hair begin growing faster and stronger over the next several months.