How To Grow Peanuts - Step By Step

How To Grow Peanuts – Step By Step

By: - Gardening - September 22, 2011
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If you are interested in knowing how to grow peanuts, you have come to the right place. Peanuts are fun to grow, but you need to make sure you have good soil and weather throughout the growing season. The peanut growing season is quite long and you may have a problem growing them in northern climates unless you plant them as soon as possible, typically after the last frost of the season.

If you already know how to grow peanuts, you probably know that peanuts are actually native to South America. They are also grown in several places in North America, especially in the south east. Before trying to plant peanuts, make sure you have light, sandy soil and not soil that is high in clay content. The small offshoots from the plant will be unable to push through clay as it is too tough.

You can buy raw peanuts from your own grocery store to grow, or you can buy them as seeds in a local gardening store. Your first step when planting peanuts is to sow the soil. You will need at least a 130 day growing season, which is minimum 4-5 months of no frost at all. You should be planting peanuts about 2 inches deep into the ground and space them about 6 inches away from each other.  Each row should be approximately three feet from the last.

When you are done planting peanuts, you must make sure there is enough drainage in the soil. If your soil naturally does not drain well, you can plant the peanuts up a bit higher by elevating the rows with extra soil. You should always make sure you are watering enough, as with loose soil, it doesn’t hold water as well as you may think, but it is a fine line, as you can overwater easily.

The pods, which are where the actual peanuts come from, need to grow down into the soil, so if it is too hard, mix mulch or sand in with your soil so the pods have a place to go.

Harvesting peanuts are a bit unusual when you think about it, as they are not harvested until after the last frost. They are simple to harvest, you simply pull the plant up from the ground and let the peanuts dry out before cracking them and eating.  Now that you know how to grow peanuts, you can share your knowledge and grow them year after year.