How To Grow A Church - Five Tips

How To Grow A Church – Five Tips

By: - Religion - October 13, 2011
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Though many of us are familiar with the mega churches out there with their congregations of 1000s, the vast majority of churches in the US are small and have less than 100 members. If you are looking for information on how to grow a church that may have just started out or how to help an average sized church that has simply hit a plateau, here are some tips to help.

One of the best sources on how to grow a church recommends advertising. Though your church is a place of worship, it also needs to work like a business. Not a for-profit business, of course, but you need to take some aspects of a business model, such as advertising, and use that to your advantage. Advertising can be as simple as fliers or an ad in the newspaper to something more extravagant like doing an online church service. The more people that know about your church, even through an online church service, the more people will visit.

Being passionate and accessible should also be a priority when thinking about how to grow a church. If you are the pastor or a senior member of the church, it can be even more important for you to be accessible and passionate than anyone else. You must love and feel the message you are giving to your congregation. When your passion for the message shines through, people will be more apt to listen. Being accessible is also important, especially as the pastor. You should have regular office hours each week and make sure your congregation has a phone number where they can always reach you.

Another recommendation, by the same source who mentioned the online church service idea above, is to ask God for help and pray about it. Ask Him to guide you in a way to grow the church through your prayers. Remember, no great work can be done without the help of God. For more information on that, read Mark 1:35 and Acts 1:14.

The final suggestion is to have a great meeting place that is sanctified and blessed as a holy area. It doesn’t matter where you meet, but you should make sure it is clean and that people are comfortable there. It should also be quiet and comfortable, as a place of reflection, if need be. In addition to making sure the inside is presentable, the outside should be as well.

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