How To Get Rid Of Black Ants

Battling Those Tiny Critters

By: - Education - August 25, 2011
how to get rid of black ants battling those tiny critters

A scourge of many a home owner, camper or those that are just out with their families to enjoy a Sunday picnic is the much maligned Monorium Minimum or as they are affectionately known, the odious Black Ant.  One of the most common queries that people have is the question of how to get rid of Black Ants and stop worry about the little tiny black bugs that have given nightmares and headaches to anyone that is familiar with them.

Black Ants are amazing little tiny black bugs that can nest in virtually anything that they can crawl into.  Typically breeding nests of upward to two thousand or more members in their colony, they can easy infest homes, cars and office buildings with ease.  They can make their homes in woodwork, masonry, crawl spaces under homes, under rocks, in mulch and rotted wood, etc., etc. In short, they can get in virtually anywhere and once established, begin the process of hauling food, upwards of twenty times their own body weight back into their nests again.  So how to get rid of Black Ants is an easily answered question and there are several ways by which this can be accomplished.  One easy and inexpensive means to deal with these tiny black bugs is through the use of Bay leaves.  By putting these leaves where ever you’ve seen the ants emerge or around the food canisters in your cabinets does wonders to make them shy away in search of food elsewhere.  Again, as with Bay leaves, mint oil is yet another simple, yet effective way to get rid of these pests and keep them away.  As with Bay leaves, simply smear mint oil around the entry points of your home and around the food canisters in your cupboards and these characters will not be around for long.  By planting mint along the sides of your home specifically around doors, windows and basement windows, Black Ants will find your home less than appealing.  A third effective means by which you can reduce, if not eliminate your Black Ant problem is by using Chili powder.  Used as either a powder or as a paste mixed with water, you can sprinkle it around the peripheries of your house and along the perimeter of the fence line to ensure that these pests will not find access to your house or yard is easily attainable, if at all.

Proactively though, a clean house is not a good invitation to the tiny black bug known as Black Ants.  Particles of food left on dishes or crumbs left on the ground or around food containers are open invitations to Black Ants.  A steady regimen of vacuuming carpets, sweeping floors and cleaning cupboards with hot water and a cleaning agent will give extra assurances that there will not be a presence of Black Ants in your home.  The result is a conspicuous absence of the unwelcome tiny black bugs in your home and the assurance that your biggest problems will not be the infamous Black Ant.

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