How To Determine Ring Size

Finding The Right Conversion

By: - Jewelry - August 30, 2011
how to determine ring size finding the right conversion

The human need to want to self decorate has been a lasting endeavor for however long the human race has existed.  Wall murals from the times of the ancient Egyptians as well as artifacts unearthed in Central America and around the Mediterranean to name but a few have shown people wearing jewelry.  When you enter into any jewelry store or even pass by a jewelry vendor in the local mall, shelves are festooned with elaborate and decorative rings but there lingers a problem – just what is your ring size?  In the following article, we will reveal to you how to determine ring size and how to undertake ring size conversion should you be somewhere other than North America or in a country with metric measurement.

When you want to determine ring size for your particular hand, rather than attending a local jewelry store where they have implements to give you that instant information, and rather than trying all all kinds of different sizes before arriving at the right one, you can perform a very easy step in the comforts of your own home.  There are three different items that you need.  The first is a small measure of string, a ruler and a ring size conversion chart which you can obtain off of the internet in a matter of seconds.  Wrapping that small section of string around your finger, measure the circumference with a marker and then lay the string out flat, next to a ruler.  The length of the string against the ruler becomes your measurement size.  On the standard conversion chart that you can obtain from the internet, it is divided into five tables.  The first table indicates the length of the string in inches.  In the table to the immediate right, is the conversion chart from inches into metric.  So for example, your ring size according to the string and ruler method is an inch and three quarters.  The metric conversion would show 4.6 centimeters.  Now the remaining three tables provide measurement tables as this information is interpreted in the  UK, the US, and on Continental Europe.  For example, the 4.6 centimeters in the UK would be a size ‘G’ or in the US 3 ¾, and in continental Europe it would be 14 ¾ 46.

So as you can well see, determining ring size using the ring size conversion chart is a one, two, three process that can eliminate the errand to the ring store, the constant process of elimination and the frustration of having to put a badly loved ring back because it is not the right size.  Jewelers as well use this very handy little chart to save you that very trouble and perhaps find solutions to sizing the ring to your finger, and not the other way around.

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