How To Cite A Website

How Do You Cite A Website – Everything You Needed To Know

By: - Writing & Speaking - May 26, 2011
how to cite a website

You might be doing a school paper or writing a report, even a book, and you might be faced with doing a bibliography or footnotes.  However, for those who are not writers, you might ask: how do you cite a website.  Well, citing a website can be done in many ways.  It is in fact no different from many other forms of citing, except you have to identify that your source was a website and what part of that cite was used.  So, how do you do it?

How do you cite a website generally? Let us say for example that you have use a site called ‘Bunches of Apples’ and you have taken information from that site about cooking apples whilst camping, thanks to work done by a Joe Blogs, there are a number of ways to begin citing a website for this site.  These include:

  1. if the work was an article – “Cooking Apples Whilst Camping”, Joe Blogs, online article, Bunches of Apples.Com, 2010,
  2. if the work was a list of recipes – “Cooking Apples Whilst Camping”, Joe Blogs, online recipes, Bunches of Apples.Com, 2010,
  3. if the work was a database of places to find information – “Cooking Apples Whilst Camping”, Joe Blogs, online database, Bunches of Apples.Com, 2010,
  4. if the work was a quote from an online book or e-book – “Cooking Apples Whilst Camping”, Joe Blogs, online book, Bumble Publishing (New York), 2010, pages 1 – 25,

Because the Internet is still fairly new and most people did not create websites to the degree that we see today, citing a website is also new and there are many criteria involved, depending on where you are in the world and what school of referencing you choose to use.  You should consider why you would ask how do you cite a website and for whom you are doing this because, for example, some people, companies or educational institutes have specific favourites.  Some prefer the Harvard methods.  Others prefer the Chicago Press types and others may find other media type standard sources that they find more acceptable.  So, though the examples about for citing are a general place to start, be sure what type of citing style you have to use and then research online or go to your local library for those specific examples.  Citing anything, even a website is not hard.

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