How To Become A Secret Shopper

A Blessing Or Trouble?

By: - Careers - April 29, 2011
how to become a secret shopper

There is no such thing as a free lunch, trust me, there isn’t. How many times in a day have you visited the fantasy world? Where you wonder and wish if there was any possible way that every month along with your mail came a paycheck. Well since we don’t live in fantasy land, this my friend isn’t possible, but I can surely introduce you to a job from the real world which pays almost like the fantasy world.

The job I am talking about is of a mystery shopper. It is simple, easy and earns reasonable income. Now I suppose many of you are wondering what it is and how to become a mystery shopper? We all love shopping and probably engage in it as many times as possible, from petty household groceries to luxurious brand shopping.

The question how to become a secret shopper still remains unanswered therefore I would attend to it right away, in layman language a secret shopper is hired by companies or stores to evaluate the performance of the sales staff and main point is that the mystery shopper has to be discrete. If you are wondering how to become a mystery shopper, I can give you tips on the kind of qualities that stores look for when they hire mystery shoppers.

First of all they should be discrete and capable of blending in; if the store is for young people then they would probably hire a young person therefore apply according to your age. Mystery shoppers should be dependable and punctual; they should be able to commute efficiently whenever the employer needs them. Secret shoppers must be able to observe every little thing and look at the things critically, honoring commitments and following instructions is of utmost importance.

Now that you know how to become a secret shopper we can move to the types of stores mystery shoppers are sent to. Mystery shoppers can be asked to go to food restaurants, car repair services, clothing shops, eye checking shops, flower shops, employment agencies etc. However in this matter the consideration should not only be placed on how to become a mystery shopper but also on if it the assignment is suitable for you or not, sometimes you may be asked to drive 50 miles for a 15 minute interaction with employees and then come home and write a three page report and in the end receive a check of only $10, all this trouble in the end may not be worth your time and trouble. Don’t just fret about how to become a secret shopper also pay adequate attention on the assignments and locations to avoid unfavorable circumstances.

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