How To Become A DJ

An Art Or Science?

By: - Music - April 29, 2011
how to become a dj

If you are one of those people who always feel the music just isn’t right at any party, or it’s not getting the party started and find yourself playing songs in the head that are more suitable for the occasion then my friend you may have the potential of becoming a DJ. Many people have so much music knowledge and ability to play the right track at the right time but the thought, how to become a DJ never strikes them.

DJing is not something you can take lightly it requires a lot of hard work and passion, it is said the profession of DJ is an art and science. But if you do not know accurately how to become a DJ you cannot be successful. Becoming a DJ is not just about playing good music at a club or party, it is quite more technical and complicated.

The primary step in becoming a DJ requires you to understand and comprehend the musical equipment, each and every sound has its own distinct characteristic and the job of the DJ is to use the equipment to enhance the sounds according to the mood.  If you have the strength and capability to become a charismatic leader that dictates the movement and emotion of a crown through rhythm then don’t wait and think how to become a DJ and start acting on it.

There are many established and working DJ’s that have started their own training programs, if you are interested in becoming a DJ you can get enrolled in one of these programs that is in your city or at a closest distance. These courses teach you all that you need to learn in your journey in becoming an aspiring DJ, from mixing to scratching, technical aspects of instruments and to understand the rhythm and feel it.

You cannot become a DJ if you don’t have a passion for music and you are not willing to dedicate your life to music. Just as important as learning about instruments and techniques of music is so is learning about music, you must keep yourself updated with new songs from all parts of the world. It is always good to play happening numbers from different parts of the world at a party and in order to do so you must be aware of them. You should develop your own music library and try to understand your own taste and highlight your individuality. Every DJ has their own signature style and that’s what makes them different and special not to forget the fact that it is this creativity that earns them big bucks so pay special attention to your taste and style and make maximum effort to flourish your creativity.

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