How Soon Does Morning Sickness Start And When Will It End


By: - Pregnancy - September 13, 2011
how soon does morning sickness start and when will it end

So, you have discovered that you are going to get the results from your doctor to start along the road to having a baby, but you have your concerns.  You have heard about morning sickness and dread the idea.  You are no doubt wondering how soon does morning sickness start and when does morning sickness end.  Realistically these questions are amongst the first that many women who are about to get pregnant or have just gotten pregnant ask.  The other reality is that not every woman will get it and some women suffer miserably.

So, how soon does morning sickness start? Morning sickness is also called pregnancy vomiting or nausea.  About half of women will get it and is usually found in women who have used either a hormonal replacement therapy or birth control pills.  It can start in the morning, very early, reducing as time goes on, or it can happen at any time of the day when you are hungry or need to drink more water.  More often than not, morning sickness will begin between fourteen days after you have conceived to as late as 1 month and two weeks of pregnancy.  But when does morning sickness end? For most women morning sickness will disappear at about the twelfth week, or at the start of your fourth month.  However, morning sickness can happen throughout your pregnancy, though for very different reasons.

When does morning sickness end, really? If you have complications during your pregnancy the chances are higher that you may have morning sickness on and off throughout your pregnancy, though again it depends on your health, existing illnesses and your genetics.  Here are some other reasons that will help you answer how soon does morning sickness start and end, things that may help you avoid later bouts of it:

  • Increased estrogen
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Increased progesterone
  • Increased chorionic gonadoptropin
  • Overstimulation of your nausea response to unusual odours
  • Increased liver bilirubin enzymes

Morning sickness will generally not start until a short time after conception, usually because of the rise in your hormone levels.  As you body gets used to this and you adapt personally, the morning sickness will normally end.  However, your health and what you eat are very important and can make the difference between getting it and not getting it.

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