How Long Should You Breastfeed - Tips From Experts

How Long Should You Breastfeed – Tips From Experts

By: - Women's Issues - September 16, 2011
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As any mother who is breastfeeding their child, you may wonder how long should you breastfeed. This is a very common question and there are actually a few different answers depending on who you ask. Breastfeeding is generally recommended to be best for you baby, but sometimes it is just not possible or a mother doesn’t want to do it. Some mothers just won’t know how to breastfeed. That’s ok, if that is the case, but if you are reading this, you have probably chosen to breast feed so let’s see what the expert says about answering the question “How long should you breastfeed?”

One of the possible answers to this question is that you should breastfeed as long as you possibly can. Even if your child is 2 years old, you can still safely breastfeed him or her if you wish, most people simply don’t wish to at that point since they can get nutrition from solid foods now. Some experts say and agree your children should be breast fed well into their 3rd year of life. You should only stop when necessary, like when they go to school. This could pose an issue however when you think of the mechanics of how to breastfeed a child that old.

Women who do breastfeed older children usually do it in hiding as there is a social stigma associated with late age breastfeeding. Other women are very open and discuss how to breastfeed an older child. There are certainly many methods.

Another answer to the question “How long should you breastfeed?” is to let your child decide. When they are regularly eating solids, some experts say that is the time to stop. Usually this is about a year old or so, and this seems to be the most accepted age to stop breast feeding in general, worldwide, but in the US, only 17% of mothers are still breastfeeding when their child is a year old. Most US doctors recommend 6 months to a year, so that may be the reason for the low number.

If you ask other experts, you will probably get other answers. Another commonly heard number is 17 weeks at a minimum for breast feeding, which is just over 4 months old. Other experts say as soon as your child begins teething, they are done breastfeeding. What all of this comes down to is there is no one right answer. It is something you, your child and doctor should discuss together.