How Can I Get Taller

Is It Possible?

By: - Health & Fitness - September 13, 2011
how can i get taller is it possible

If you have height problems, you may be wondering how can I get taller.  However, most people would suggest that you are either meant to be that height or that you need to eat and exercise more.  The reality is that with some people the need to get taller is not so much about the desire to be taller than you were meant to be, but how to make yourself taller because your height is not what it was supposed to be.  There are in fact ways to achieve this.

When you think about how can I get taller, the things that you need to understand include your natural family history of height, whether you have medical issues that have restricted your height and whether you have sufficient time to grow as you would normally do from your childhood through to early adulthood.  So, how to make yourself taller is not a simple thing, but based on a series of important factors that you cannot ignore.  There is no magic potion to change your height.  So, what can you do?  First, you should consult with your doctor to see if you can adjust your nutritional intake to encourage height.  Second, you can ask your doctor to recommend you to a physiotherapist or some other expert to learn height encouraging exercises.  Third, you may wish to consult with an expert to see if your posture is as it should be and how to adjust it to make yourself as tall as you can be.  Finally, you need to allow yourself to get the right amount of rest because growth of the body cannot happen if you do not allow your body to use its full energy for growth.

A final note if you are thinking how can I get taller – if you are beyond a certain age and you have spinal issues, now matter what you do, even these exercises, dietary changes and posture lessons will not usually help.  If you have a predisposition towards growth problems, this may have to be addressed by the use of medications or human growth hormones, which are only usually given to people with serious height problems or those who have for some reason stopped growing in height prematurely and not met the criteria for regular development.  Only your doctor can prescribe these medications and they have to be taken under the supervision of your doctor.  Never go buying yourself human growth hormones through an alternative source for two reasons – they may not be properly regulated or approved by your country’s health or drug government department and/or they may contain ingredients that could be harmful over the long-term.

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