Hotels In Carolina Beach Nc - Visit The Carolina Coast

Hotels In Carolina Beach, NC – Visit The Carolina Coast

By: - Destinations - October 11, 2011
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If you are planning a wonderful family vacation to the Carolina coast, one of the places you must visit is Carolina Beach, NC. Carolina Beach, NC is a spectacular destination for families and offers many great attractions. The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher is one of the most well known and is located right by the military Fort Fisher that has a history dating back to the Civil War. Other attractions include the boardwalk and fishing pier, cruise boats, mini golf, batting cages, amusement and water parks and even other historical sites.

Hotels in Carolina Beach, NC are wonderful and can accommodate all of your needs. The hotels in Carolina Beach, NC can be used to accommodate a single person up to 14 people or more, depending on your needs. There are also many rental homes that can be a great option if you want a full kitchen and house of your own during your visit. As with visiting anywhere, the hotels in Carolina Beach, NC cater to all budgets and with a little research, you will soon find the best one for you. There are many choices when it comes to hotels and if you are looking for budget prices on even the most luxurious properties, consider coming in the winter. Though it may be a bit chilly, it is certainly not too cold for a walk along the beach or a day spent shopping.

Another great place to visit along the Carolina coast is about 2 hours north east and is called Atlantic Beach, NC. Atlantic beach is on the well known Crystal Coast area of North Carolina and offers many attractions and accommodations as well. Hotels in Atlantic Beach, NC range from small tucked away budget choices to beach front properties made for a luxurious visit. Many hotels in Atlantic Beach, NC offer suites, so you can cook inside as well, which is ideal if you are looking to save some money

There are hotels in Atlantic Beach, NC that can accommodate many needs, even those that are pet friendly. With so many attractions in and around Atlantic Beach, you may not even need the hotel at all except to sleep and change clothes. In addition to the hotels available in the area, Atlantic Beach is home to many rental properties and other choices like Bed Breakfasts.  With so many choices up and down the Carolina coastline, planning your North Carolina vacation now will ensure you get a great room for your summer vacation.