Horton Crossbows Are Good Choice For New Seasons

By: - Hunting - July 24, 2011
horton crossbows are good choice for new seasons

Before you head to the woods this fall, take a look at your state regulations and see if you have a crossbow season.  More and more states are adding crossbows to the list of legal methods for taking deer and other big game, so more bowhunters are using crossbows each year.

Horton Crossbows has been helping lead the way in getting new seasons adopted by the states.

“We’ve been working with states to implement new laws to legalize crossbow hunting,” said Horton Crossbows company spokesman Stephen Graham.  “We have an employee on staff whose full time job is working with the North American Crossbow Federation to help them explain to state legislators the impact that crossbow hunting with have in each of their states.  We give them hard facts and data.  Our purpose is to grow the sport of crossbow hunting.”

This is important, Graham said, because when states enact a crossbow season, archery hunters come back to the field.

“People come back into hunting,” he said.  “Having a crossbow season keeps older people who used to archery hunt in the sport, and it’s also a way to get youth into archery hunting.  It’s tough for a kid to go archery hunting with a compound bow, because a kid isn’t going to be as accurate with a compound bow as he is with a crossbow.  So it gives a kid confidence and gets him out there and into the sport.”

This adds up to license sales, more hunters, and more money to support state wildlife agencies.

Horton Crossbows came into being almost 50 years ago, when Bernard Horton, already a sportsman and gun maker, started experimenting with his own crossbow designs.  He didn’t like the ones that were on the market at the time, because he felt that they didn’t meet the needs of serious hunters.  Horton felt that the crossbow could be an effective short-range hunting tool just as other bows—recurve and long bows and the up-and-coming (at that time) compound bows.

Horton started making crossbows for his own use, but it wasn’t long before people started hearing about them and wanting him to build them for them at reasonable Horton Crossbows prices.  It wasn’t long before a legacy was born.

From the beginning, Horton made designs that were accurate, compact, well built and rugged, while maintaining Horton Crossbows prices that made his bows accessible to the everyday hunter.  His application of advanced technology to crossbow design helped transform the crossbow from a medieval weapon to a modern sporting bow.

When you combine Horton’s advanced crossbow technology with its rich heritage, tradition, craftsmanship, and accessible Horton Crossbows prices, you have an unbeatable combination.  Horton Crossbows are built by a company with a passion for the outdoors and a mission to bring more crossbow hunters to the field.