Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Of New Jersey Offers Targeted Plans With Affordability

By: - Insurance - June 24, 2011
horizon blue cross blue shield of new jersey offers targeted plans with affordability

The Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey health insurance covers over 3 million people throughout the state of New Jersey. Founded in 1932 with Associated Hospitals of Essex County Inc. when it was formed as a multi-hospital prepayment plan and later became the United States first Blue Cross plan, it also carries the same quality of service its predecessor has started. This American insurance provider is based in Newark, New Jersey and for many years it has provided health care coverage options for many residents.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ provides the largest network of healthcare professionals each year by bringing along the mission of expanding access and quality health care to all citizens of New Jersey by supplying targeted plans which are easy on the pocket for individuals and families.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey knows the needs of its clients and is dedicated to providing the best care available. In times when costs of hospitalization and other medical care continue to constantly rise, the need of buying health insurance is in demand to protect us and our family in the case of illnesses, accidents, and other health related needs. Horizon BCBS NJ provides healthcare plans that can accommodate your needs and give you coverage in areas that matter to you most. Horizon BCBS New Jersey offers different services to help you learn details about their insurance plans including online services and connecting with a broker.

Having a wide array of individual and family plans for customers to tailor what they need, the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ also offers different levels of coverage to help you stay within your budget. This helps clients purchase their insurance plan with confidence and knowing you have yourself and family members covered. Plus, the network is very large so chances are you’ll be able to choose where you want to receive your care. The network also provides a special annual report that highlights what New Jersey residents are doing to stay healthy and improve the quality of life.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey provides healthcare options including medical services, dental coverage, prescription drug coverage options and more. There online website provides background details on finding coverage in your area, choosing your provider and news & events. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ also provides information on how health care reform changes imposed by the national government may affect certain aspects of your health care coverage.