Homemade Dryer Sheets And How To Use Them

By: - Home & Family - September 13, 2011
homemade dryer sheets and how to use them

Have you ever wondered how homemade dryer sheets would work and if you could make them? It is possible, but why stop with that? Why not look at dryer sheet uses as well, giving yourself a more practical use for the sheets that you make and a means of saving even more money? Realistically, this is possible and as such, read on to learn how you can do this.

Dryer sheets are usually made of foam or polyester fabrics, coated with chemicals that are proven carcinogens.  In the dryer these chemicals melt off the dryer sheets and bind themselves to the surface of your clothes and other fabrics, creating an invisible coating, not unsimilar to what happens when you use fabric softener in your washing machine.  This coating prevents static, but it leaves a residue that can put your life at risk.  So, homemade sheets may be a safer option.  In order to make homemade dryer sheets, you will need: washcloths, old pieces of toweling, white vinegar and the essential oil fragrance of your choice.  You will have to combine ½ cup of vinegar to as many sprays of essential oil your nasal passages deem appropriate .  Then you will need to mix this mixture well and soak your toweling or wash cloths in the mixture, hanging them up to dry above a bucket to prevent the mixture from getting all over your home .  Once that has been done, you can use your dryer sheets in a number of ways.  The top dryer sheet uses includes preventing static with fabrics in your dryer, creating a scent barrier to ward off bees, dusting, using under car seats for a fresh scent in your car year round, and removing tree sap from glass and other hard surface.  Alternatively you can mop up spilled flour as the flour binds to the coating on the sheets easily without wetting the sheets.  However, if you really want a practical use, try removing pet hair from your furniture and clothes with one as this works better than using a vacuum or brush.  Whatever the case, if you make your own dryer sheets at home, the chances are that you can find so many more uses for your dryer sheets and make your home smell divine whilst keeping a fresh scent in fabrics and clothing.

So, now that you have discovered how to make homemade dryer sheets, what other dryer sheet uses can you come up with? The reality is that wherever there is a freshness needed, dryer sheets are practical, but if you look at their purpose and what we really use them for in our dryers, buying them when you can make them simply makes no sense at all, does it?

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