Home Remedy For Stretch Marks From The Logical To Unique

-From The Logical To Unique

By: - Women's Issues - August 30, 2011
home remedy for stretch marks from the logical to unique

If you have ever gone through puberty, had a baby or quickly gained or lost a lot of weight you probably have stretch marks. Stretch marks happen when the skin is forced to stretch or contract too quickly. You may have heard about a home remedy for stretch marks or possibly even more than one. Many are out there, few actually work well though. Weeding through the stretch marks home remedy list to find out what works and what doesn’t can be difficult, so here are a few that can have positive results as a home remedy for stretch marks.

When looking for the easiest stretch marks home remedy, simply change your diet. Diets that are rich in vitamins A, E and C are excellent for your skin and help fade stretch marks. Taking zinc and drinking 8 cups of water per day will further treat your skin, making it more flexible. If you aren’t able to get that in your diet naturally, taking supplements can help as well. Lotions with vitamin A and vitamin E can be massaged into the stretch marks which will help fade them as well.

Speaking of massaging, another home remedy for stretch marks is massaging with natural shea butter or olive oil.  You can also make your own all natural lotion with vitamin capsules and oils. Take ½ cup of olive oil and mix it with a quarter cup of aloe vera gel. Add to that mixture 2 capsules of Vitamin A and 4 of Vitamin E.  You can make a small hole into the capsule to get the liquid out. Massage this into your stretch marks a couple of times per day for best results.

Now for a few unique remedies: one home remedy for stretch marks is to use Preparation H on the stretch marks.  Follow the instructions on the packaging for normal use, only put it on your stretch marks instead. Another unique remedy is to use anti aging creams on your stretch marks. These creams are formulated to improve the appearance of skin and stretch marks are no exception. Other interesting remedies include all natural peanut butter and putting coffee grounds in your vitamin fortified lotion.

Though nothing you can do at home will fully remove stretch marks the above remedies can help fade them. The best thing to do if you want to totally remove them is laser surgery, but even that can’t guarantee total removal. It may just be something you must live with.