Home Remedies For Dry Skin - Tricks Tips

Home Remedies For Dry Skin – Tricks & Tips

By: - Skin Care - September 12, 2011
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There are millions of people who have dry skin all the time and millions more who get dry skin in the cold, dry winter months. Dry skin not only looks bad, it can be itchy and uncomfortable as well. You may have tried all the lotions on the market with no results or even consulted with a doctor for treatment. If you have tried everything else with no results, there are some home remedies for dry skin you should try. Some have been around for 100s of years.

There are many of home remedies for dry skin and even some supplements for dry skin that can be recommended. Many of these can be found right in your kitchen at this moment. One of the best and most well known home remedies, especially if your dry skin is itchy, is to use a baking soda soak.  Basically when you draw your bath for the evening, you will be putting 1-2 cups of baking soda in the bathtub before soaking.

Another home remedy that is in your kitchen at this moment is salt.  After your bath or shower, when you skin is brimming with moisture, take salt and rub it over the spots you know are rough.  Don’t press too hard, but press hard enough to exfoliate the dead skin from your body.

Vinegar is another home remedy for dry skin.  Vinegar has been used for many ailments not just for 100s of years, but for 1000s. This is great for your dry hands especially. Once you wash and dry your hands and soak them in vinegar for 10 minutes before bed. When still wet, put on gloves and go to sleep.  A few days of this and you will definitely notice a difference.

Making sure your overall health is very important can really turn your dry skin around. Vitamins are very important when healing dry skin so there are supplements for dry skin you can take. Taking a multi-vitamin is a great place to start and making sure you are getting a B-vitamin complex can help too. Vitamins E, A and C are the most important supplements for dry skin to take, so if you don’t want to take a multi-vitamin, at least take these vitamins or eat food containing them.

Make sure you are wearing gloves when washing dishes, eating a healthy diet and staying away from drugs and alcohol, especially cigarettes, for the best chance of getting rid of dry skin.