Home Remedies For Cough Solutions For You And Your Kids

By: - Alternative Medicine - September 21, 2011
home remedies for cough solutions for you and your kids

Children and adults get coughs from time to time, usually as the result of allergies or a cold.  A cough is the body’s way of clearing the lungs of unwanted particles and to get rid of the build up of bacteria and mucus in the throat.  Many people use medicines over the shelf to suppress coughs, but this is not always a good idea.  Coughing is a natural way usually to assist in clearing viruses and getting you  healthy again, also to prevent things from settling down in your lungs and giving you further complications.  However, sometimes coughs are just irritating and can be so bad that you have to take something to relieve the symptoms.  There are some good home remedies for cough issues as well as home remedies for cough for children issues.

Homeopaths use a variety of natural products that can be used within your home to provide home remedies for cough solutions and there are some that you can even make for home remedies for cough for children needs.  The most common one is the old fashioned mixing of sea salt or table salt with warm water and then gargling it to relieve the itch that usually causes you to cough.  The salt works by killing off excess and sometimes bad bacteria that is growing in your throat and can cause that itchy feeling.  However, sometimes that itchiness that causes your cough can be because your throat is healing and as such the salt helps the healing to occur faster, whilst getting rid of the excessive need to cough by providing temporary relief.  However, you should speak to your family doctor before doing this and using any other home remedy or homeopathic method to ensure that it is fully safe for you and any child that you might be treating.  Other options include homemade horehound candies for wet types of coughs, homemade hard candies for dry coughs, or a mix of peppermint, honey and warmed lemon juice in a drink for all coughs.

Home remedies for cough solutions and home remedies for cough for children needs are easy to make.  Quite often you may find that you have all the ingredients that you need right in your own kitchen.  However, as mentioned earlier, always address the issues of coughs with your doctor first and then see if the remedies that you wish to use are appropriate.  Never give any natural remedies to children unless you have your doctor’s okay!

Photo: horehound – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Koeh-224.jpg