Home Remedies For Canker Sores - Solutions Beyond Medication

Home Remedies For Canker Sores – Solutions Beyond Medication

By: - Disease & Illness - August 25, 2011
home remedies for canker sores %E2%80%93 solutions beyond medication

Canker sores, no matter how small, can be painful and even embarrassing. Unlike cold sores, which start as a few small blisters that merge into one larger one, canker sores usually appear individually. They have a yellow or grayish white center surrounded by red and are typically found on the inside of the mouth on the lip, cheek, or tongue. They are painful for several days, but usually disappear in under two weeks. Canker sore causes include suppressed immune systems, stress, or nutrition deficiencies. Specific drugs used to treat some autoimmune conditions may also cause canker sores. Other canker sore causes include injury from food, toothbrush or other objects.

One of the many home remedies for canker sores involves combining Milk of Magnesia with Benadryl or Benylin and swab onto the affected area.  The former coats the mucus membranes of the mouth, while Benadryl or Benylin can reduce inflammation and pain. Another option is to mix baking soda with a small amount of water inside a lint-free cloth and to hold that over the sore for as long as you can tolerate. Peroxide and water rinses is another popular remedy that has long been used to promote healing of mouth sores. If you can handle the unpleasant taste, allow an aspirin tablet to dissolve on your canker sore (but rinse out the gritty remnants of the pill rather than swallowing it). The salicylic acid in aspirin will help to sanitize and heal the sore. Other home remedies for canker sores include apple cider vinegar, licorice, and zinc. Avoidance of fruits is also frequently recommended to reduce pain and irritation, most especially citrus fruits, which can sting quite a bit.

If none of those remedies work, try the unique and somewhat strange remedies. A quite unique canker sore treatment is to use a bit of cayenne pepper on the canker sore. Though some people feel it is quite uncomfortable, others say it works wonders since it has properties that can desensitize nerves that cause pain. Another unique solution that works with some canker sore sufferers is to put the herb sage directly on the sore and hold it on for several minutes. Making it into a powder or paste is a great way to get it on the sore and let it stay there until you are satisfied with the results. You can also make a sage rinse by steeping sage leaves in boiling water.

A canker sore causes pain and annoyance, but with one of these remedies you will, with any luck, be back to normal in no time. If these remedies fail, over-the-counter creams are available or you can consult your physician.

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