Hemorrhides Bleeding

Hemorrhoids Bleeding – Causes And Remedies

By: - Disease & Illness - February 14, 2011
hemorrhides bleeding

Hemorrhoids are the result of swollen veins in the anal canal. The main symptoms are itching, pain, with the hemorrhoids bleeding. Hemorrhoids are common and are usually not serious. There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external. Treatment varies depending which type you have, although it is indeed possible to suffer both at the same time.

The signs of the internal type are usually hemorrhoids bleeding on the toilet paper, or blood in the toilet following a bowel movement. In addition, there may be blood on the stool itself. External hemorrhoids are typically accompanied by blood that has collected to form a lump or clot, and may be painful.

Sometimes a natural hemorrhoid treatment can be used to reduce symptoms. Eating foods high in fiber can soften the stool which can lessen straining, and therefore reduce the painful itching. Fiber is plentiful in whole grains and vegetables. There are also many fiber supplements found in health food stores.

A time-tested natural hemorrhoid treatment is witch hazel, and can be found at the local drugstore. You do not drink the witch hazel. Rather you rub it onto the inflicted area to decrease bleeding. It may also relieve pain and itching. Witch hazel is available in both liquid and cream form.

The herb, horse chestnut is a folk natural hemorrhoid treatment that is used for treating varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It can be applied to the hemorrhoids, or you can drink it in tea form. It is also available in capsules at health food stores. It may reduce inflammation, therefore providing some comfort.

Hemorrhoids bleeding that do not respond to natural or over-the-counter cures may need a visit to the doctor. Usually he will examine the rectum with a small lighted scope. For external hemorrhoid treatment the doctor may recommend stool softeners, an over-the-counter cream, with drinking plenty of water. Slowly adding more fiber to your diet may also be needed.

For harsh internal hemorrhoids the doctor may tie the hemorrhoids with bands or scar the tissue surrounding the hemorrhoids to lessen the blood supply. This will help to shrink the hemorrhoids and hopefully eliminate them. If treatments fail to reduce or remove your hemorrhoids then surgery might be needed to resolve the problem.

It is estimated about one half of people 50 years or older will suffer hemorrhoids. The best way to avoid hemorrhoid is to keep your stool soft. As mentioned, this can be carried out by increasing fiber intake. When you have the urge, empty your bowels as soon as possible to reduce straining. Walking and other exercise can help you avoid this malady.

Finally, hemorrhoids are usually accompanied by painful itching along with the hemorrhoids bleeding. To relieve symptoms a natural hemorrhoid treatment such as witch hazel can be used. If natural or over-the-counter treatments do not work consider visiting your doctor. For external hemorrhoids he may advise you to increase your fiber intake. Internal hemorrhoids may need banding or scaring of tissues near the hemorrhoids. Surgery may be needed in the harshest cases.

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