Hair Donation Of 6 Inches - How To Do It

Hair Donation Of 6 Inches – How To Do It

By: - Hair - September 8, 2011
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If you are interested in donating your hair, a typical hair donation of 6 inches is the minimum. Most companies will only accept donations of 8-10 inches. For the sake of this information we will stick with hair donations of 6 inches, but do not be surprised if you are asked to get it a bit longer.

There are typically three steps in order to donate your hair. Hair donations of 6 inches, at least, will be accepted at many organizations. Your first step is to choose the charity that you wish to donate to. You may have a personal reason for donating hair, such as for wigs for cancer patients. Others may just be ready for a change and don’t want to just throw their hair in the trash. When contacting organizations for a hair donation of 6 inches, you want to ask them what they do with the hair and how the charity functions. Some charities use the hair for mats or for hair extensions so make sure you will be comfortable with how your hair is used.

The second step is to make sure your hair is long enough for donation. Minimum hair donation is 6 inches as we have mentioned, but many charities as for it to be 8-10 inches. Some charities will not take hair that is color treated or hair that is in poor condition. If you are not currently taking a multivitamin and trying to grow your hair out for donation, start taking vitamins now. Though you can buy specific hair vitamins, multivitamins work just as well.

The third step is to make the cut. Many salons will do the cut for you for free as well as offer a new cut and style just for your donation. Hair donations of 6 inches or more must be measured when your hair is in a ponytail and should be measured from the base of the elastic band to the end of your hair. If your hair is curly, you should straighten it first to make sure you have enough length.

You may experience “cutters remorse” after getting a dramatic cut such as this, but remember, short hair can be very cute, stylish and you are helping someone who currently has no hair at all. Talk with your stylist about new styles that may be trendy or that will look good with your personal face shape or type. Some salons even have computer software that can give you an idea of how you will look with a new cut.