Haier Wine Cooler

Outshining The Competition

By: - Product Reviews - June 18, 2011
haier wine cooler outshining the competition

Choosing the cooler that is right for your purposes can be difficult.  Certain models and brands are best suited to certain functions, and finding the cooler that best fits your needs is important.  When searching for something to keep wine cool, the specifics are particularly important.  The humidity of the cooler must not be kept so high that condensations forms on the bottles, but it cannot be so low that drying occurs.  At the same time, it is important to most buyers that their purchase be attractive, whether a built in wine cooler or a freestanding model.

The answer for such problems leads many buyers to consider a Haier wine cooler.  The company produces several different models, but most of them possess very similar features.  For example, nearly all of their models serve as either a built in wine cooler, with the ability to be installed in cabinetry or below counters, or as freestanding units, keeping a balanced and attractive look in either setting.  Additionally, nearly every Haier wine cooler features the same seamless glide out storage system.  Such units have chrome storage racks with wood trim, maintaining a striking appearance when the unit is closed.  Wines are illuminated by interior lighting to aid in finding particular bottles and to showcase the beauty of the cooler itself.

Perhaps most importantly, nearly every Haier wine cooler comes with important features that keep your wine safe.  In addition to consistent humidity equalization at 75%, ensuring wine stays safe and bottles stay pristine, models include adjustable settings that allow temperature adjustments between red and white wines.  Heat measurements are taken electronically to ensure accuracy, and should the refrigeration units for some reason falter, alarm systems are included to alert owners that their wines are in danger.

Finding the right wine cooler typically requires a great deal of research and consideration.  After all, many wines are more than just a bottle – they are an investment.  Choosing inferior units that fit poorly as a built in wine cooler or that have boring features ignores the specialness of particular wines, which deserve to be celebrated.  Most urgently, choosing poorly puts those bottles of wine in danger of inaccurate temperature regulation and humidity.  A Haier wine cooler combines the attractive features buyers want to make their bottles shine with the security of electronically controlled climate management.   Those who buy expensive wine should not look at a cheap cooler to keep it in, but should make sure their cellar reflects the quality of its goods.

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