Growing Green Beans

Tips For Bounty

By: - Gardening - September 2, 2011
growing green beans tips for bounty

Green beans are a popular addition to home gardens. They are easy to grow, are healthy to eat and there are many types. Growing green beans is easy for most people, but there are some tips that can help you get a bountiful harvest. Also known as pole beans, bush beans and even runner beans, bush beans and green beans are especially very interchangeable, so you will see both names meaning the same plant. Growing bush beans or green beans can be done almost anywhere in the US as they are pretty versatile.

Some good tips for growing green beans will start in the soil. The best conditions for green beans or bush beans are a well fertilized soil that is between 65 and 75 degrees F. It should be a soil that is easily drained and the seeds should be well spaced when planted, at least 2 and a half or three feet from each other. Soaking your green bean seeds overnight in a dish of water before planting can speed up the germination process, helping them grow more quickly.

When growing green beans, water at ground level instead of watering the entire plant. Getting the leaves wet can cause disease to flourish.  After it rains you should also not handle or work in the garden for the same reason, it promotes disease. Wait until the leaves are dry. Growing bush beans or green beans can be very successful when you add organic fertilizer. Try compost, fish heads or other organic fertilizers and bury them right around the roots of the plants.

A few more tips when growing bush beans to have a bounty of beans is to stake them when they get tall. It doesn’t matter if you use an actual stake or something more decorative, like a trellis, just support them in some way. A final tip for success is to harvest your plants often. The more you harvest beans, the more beans will grow. You will get more bean yield per plant when picking the beans often.

Green beans are easy to grow and you may not need any help at all depending on how green your thumb is, but sometimes the more you know the better off you will be and according to expert gardeners, that is the case for green beans. Give these helpful tips a try and hopefully you will be pulling bushels of beans off your plants very soon.