Growing Blueberries In Containers - Tips And Tricks For Success

Growing Blueberries In Containers – Tips And Tricks For Success

By: - Gardening - August 31, 2011
growing blueberries in containers %E2%80%93 tips and tricks for success

Growing blueberries in containers can be difficult, but with the right tricks, you can have some success with it. Blueberries grow quite large and need room to stretch out or they will not grow and produce fruit. They are fairly large bushes, so you will need quite large containers if you are going to grow them successfully. You will also need to plant them correctly in the right soil and conditions, such as rocky soil.

When growing blueberries in containers, the containers you plant them in should be a minimum size of 2x2x2 but the larger the better. The containers need to have enough room so roots can grow and establish themselves. Blueberries need soil that drains well, so having some pebbles in the soil is a great idea. Get potting soil that is acidic and that contains peat or sphagnum moss. Fill the container about halfway with potting soil and place your plant about 4 inches down so the roots have plenty of room to grow downwards. Cover the root ball with potting soil and cover with mulch of some kind.

While growing blueberries in containers make sure they are getting a ton of water, but be sure not to submerge them. If it is hot or the sun is shining on the blueberries, you will probably need to water daily. Wrap the containers in winter if it gets cold in your area and fertilize from April to August. Some blueberries that grow well in containers are bluecrop, northsky and the southern highbush blueberry.

The southern highbush blueberry is a pretty impressive plant. It is a new variety of bush and they are a hybrid of the northern highbush and one of the southern varieties. They are impressive because they can be grown in northern climates and can still survive quite well. They grow to about 6 ft tall and 5 feet wide, so you need a large container to grow them in. They are fairly pest and insect resistant, but you will need to watch birds around the sourthern highbush blueberry as they love them just as much as people do.  If you want a compact variety of the southern highbush, there is a smaller breed called the sunshine blue. They get about 3 ft tall, but the fruit is a bit tangier than regular blueberry bushes you may be used to. The berries from this bush are great for baking as the added sugar can make them taste sweeter.

You can have success growing these in containers as long as you remember the tips and tricks shared with you today.