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By: - Parenting - June 6, 2011
green mountain diapers

One of the greatest challenges that parents face is that of changing diapers.  Not being the most sweet smelling items, nor prettiest objects, filled diapers can sometimes be more than just a hazard for you nasal passages.  That is why many people are turning to green alternatives, including Green Mountain diapers.

Green Mountain diapers have been recently tested by a diehard mother, who decided that in order to show if these cloth type diapers are really all they are cracked up to be, she took some Green Mountain diapers and put those Green Mountain diapers to the test.  She spent almost a hundred dollars just to get typical unbleached cloth diapers, a number of covers, instructions, snaps, pins and washing care details.  Setting out to see if these were really worth it, she knew that having a non newborn would not require as many, but nonetheless, five good diapers and a cover that was kept constantly washed would work.  But would it really pass the baby test, the 1st step in vetting these diapers?

Using a good, old-fashioned diaper pale and some diaper detergent and disinfectant, she found that the Green Mountain diapers easily came out clean.  When they were dry, she decided it was high time to test them on her eight month old, laying him out and removing the soiled package diaper from his damp and rather smelly skin.  After a good wash and a dust with powder, junior smelled fresh and clean, and his mother was a bit apprehensive because he had never had a diaper rash.  After the first week of testing the Green Mountain diapers on her son, no skin changes occurred and they were as good as, if not better than the packaged diapers.  However, she did have to change them more often as they do not have materials that keep the dampness away from baby’s skin.

That mother’s final conclusion about the Green Mountain diapers was that they are very good, worth the money and save a fortune on diapers.  However, she wanted to remind her friends that old-fashioned diapers cannot prevent diaper rash as only healthy and constant changes and good hygiene care can manage that.

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