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By: - Home & Family - June 6, 2011
graduation party invitation wording

If you are planning yours or someone else’s graduation after party, you may be a bit stuck when it comes to the graduation party invitation wording.  However, you really should not worry because graduation invitation wordings are easy to find online and there are many experienced people in schools and universities who have done this many times before.  In fact, student resource centers are the ideal place to go for tips, as well as relevant committees that plan university and college parties every weekend.

Graduation invitation wordings require thinking first about the vital details of the party, such as the type of food, the times it will be held and where it will be held.  Whilst writing the graduation party invitation wording, you must not forget to word the invitation to suit the main guest, the student who is graduating.  So, if they have just earned a degree in languages or literature, do not insult them by using wordings that are immature and childish.  If they have achieved an undergraduate level, apply the wording to suit that, but if they have achieved more advanced degrees, honour them with the best and most sophisticated etiquette possible.  Ensure that you also include details about the guest of honor’s achievements and what other things they have accomplished so other guests can read about them when they get their invitations.  Make a note of times for any commencement ceremonies, cocktails and the dress code expected for the occasion.

The steps that you need to follow to ensure that a graduation party invitation wording card is correct are simple really.  Always start any graduation invitation wordings with a greeting to the invited guest in a formal fashion and keep it simple.  Step 2 – write down the full formal name of the person being honored at the party in larger font that is bold and in a slightly different font to the rest of the invitation text.  Step 3 – show a line for the school that the student majored at, its location, the year of graduation the level of degree achieved.  Step 4 – give important info about the commencement ceremony for all guests.  Step 5 – include the dress code, location and time of the party, including a proper address and phone contact number/email so that guests can respond accordingly.

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