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– Its Uses And Functioning

By: - Golf - May 12, 2011
golf handicap tracker

A golf handicap tracker is used to determine your progression and your abilities as a golfer.  You need to keep a track of your progress, before starting the game and then measure the progress you have made after few weeks of playing the game.  Golf handicap tracker is one of the best tools, which you can easily use to determine your progress and evaluate your current position in the game of golf.

Before choosing any golf handicap tracker you need to do some research, in order to determine the different conditions of courses and several aspects of golf playing. This can help you with improving your game and will also provide essential tips and guidelines, which are related to golf. First of all you need to understand, what actually is a golf handicap?

Golf handicap tracker

Golf handicap is basically used to measure your progress against any scratch golfer, with the help of comparing some statistics. This will help you in judging the capabilities, which you have for golf playing, your level of accomplishment in the game and your ability to compete against different opponents. With the help of an appropriate golf tracker you can prepare yourself, even against the best golf players.

Calculating with the help of golf handicap

Golf tracking is very much essential, as you can see what achievements you have made in the past, in accordance with the golf courses where you have played. This means, that you need to evaluate the last five rounds which you have played and determine the score which you have made on each single hole. After this you need to calculate the exact slope of different holes, in accordance with the guidelines of USGA and determine level of difficulty of the holes.  After calculating the score you need to subtract course rating and then multiply the end number with 113. Now you need to divide that figure with the slope of course and multiple the numbers with 96. This is a lot of calculation and can get difficult and complicated, if you do not possess good skills in mathematics. But that is the overall functioning of golf tracker and the apt method of golf tracking.

Selecting a golf handicap tracker

There are different types of golf handicap trackers available nowadays. You can even devise a golf handicap tracker of your own choice. You have to pick a golf tracking technique, which will help you the most and is going to be easy to use.  There are few latest golf handicap trackers, which have a GPS system installed within.

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