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The Best Of Filipino Treats

By: - Food & Beverage - June 23, 2011
goldilocks bakery the best of filipino treats

Goldilocks bakery has been the hallmark of Filipino treats and food around the world for many years.  A home-style bakery began in 1966, they have been serving people their delicious Goldilocks baking products for 45 years.   Began as a family business by two young women (now affectionately known as “The Two Moms” started Goldilocks bakery in a one-door apartment on Pasong Tamo Street in Makati City.  They had a reputation for their scrumptious cooking, particularly for their fabulous cakes.  Milagros Leelin Yee and Clarita Leelin Go, along with their sister-in-law, Doris, had been dabbling in the business of selling their home baked goods for some time.  Milagros was supplying chiffon slices to several of Manila’s canteens and Clarita was backing and decorating cakes during special occasions in Bicol.

Their family (a large one) was their first customer as they began operations in the family kitchen.  Feeling that the fairytale character, Goldilocks, suggested luck, one of their other sisters suggested the name “Goldilocks” when they decided to open their bakeshop.  On their first day of official business, all of the Goldilocks baking products had sold out and of course, it had little to do with luck.  Hard work, excellent craftsmanship and delicious flavor made all of their food sell as fast as they could bake it.

Goldilocks baking products are sold all over the world, with 18 stores in the US, 2 in Canada and many in other countries.   Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong each have Goldilocks bakery locations and their products are even sold in places like Hawaii. In 2005 and 2006, Goldilocks bakeshop opened in Las Vegas, Nevada and San Diego, quickly becoming a popular destination for Filipinos looking for the taste of home and for others who enjoy authentic ethnic cooking.

Goldilocks offers a wide range of foods to tickle the pallet, including cakes, breads, sweets, pastries and some branches even offer main course Filipino meals.  Goldilocks baking products are a fine example of what hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence can do for fine foods. Their sweet breads and authentic Filipino treats are truly a divine experience.  Thankfully the Goldilocks products are available online, making these treats available to offer in your own home or shops, much to the delight of pastry lovers around the world.

Thanks to the efforts of Milagros, Clarita and Doris, the world has a chance to enjoy the truly spectacular flavors and textures of the Philippines, right at home, without having to leave their home country.

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