Geothermal Energy Pros And Cons

– Will It Work For Your Home?

By: - Home Improvement - May 7, 2011
geothermal energy pros and cons

As the world looks for renewable resources to meet our every-growing need for energy, the geothermal energy pros and cons have become more evident, and more studied. Green energy will help to save fossil fuels, and also leave our children a world that is healthier.

Geothermal energy originally comes from within the earth, and it is a natural and renewable resource. Do the positive aspects outweigh the negatives? We must examine the advantages and disadvantages of geothermal energy, and weigh them against our long-term needs and capabilities.

Geothermal energy pros include the direct use of a renewable source of energy, for heating our buildings and water. The geothermal systems are able to bring hot water to buildings from the earth’s surface, available for use immediately.

One of the disadvantages of geothermal energy is that many countries don’t use geothermal, and thus it will be harder for you to find people qualified to install a geothermal system in your home or business.

On the plus side, you have low emissions from geothermal energy. Burning fuels produces emissions that are harmful for our environment. Acid rain and various other pollutants are the result of those emissions. When geothermal energy is used, almost all the acid rain is fully eliminated.

Thinking on the positive side of geothermal energy pros and cons, this type of energy is very much renewable. It will always be there to use, since the earth will continue to replenish the water supply via rain. In addition, the interior of the earth always produces heat.

When you deal with the installation of geothermal energy systems, you need long pipes and wide spaces. For this reason, densely populated areas will not be able to easily adapt to getting geothermal energy into their homes.

Another one of the disadvantages of geothermal energy is that, since it’s not used by many, the cost is more for anyone who does wish to use it. The cost for implementing it on a national or global level will be expensive.

There are questions that must be answered, when you are listing geothermal energy pros and cons. The economy of most countries is not stable presently, and people are having a difficult time in simply affording the basics of living. Given these facts, it may be difficult to find many people who can afford the price tag of geothermal energy. But as global warming causes weather patterns to become more and more unpredictable, can we afford not to use geothermal energy? It’s an ongoing debate.