Genetic Testing Pros And Cons

The Facts

By: - Medicine - September 29, 2011
genetic testing pros and cons the facts

Scientific research in every field has escalated and advanced the interests of humanity by large milestones in the last few decades.  One of the most recent advances was in the study and advancement of the field of genetic testing, pros and cons.  On top of the advances in genetic research and application, careful consideration has been given to the pros and cons of genetic testing.  We will speak more to this in the article following.

First, let us discuss the pro in the pros and cons of genetic testing.  Genetic testing is still understood to be in the early stages of development. Bearing that in mind, there are limitations to what such testing can provide in terms of potential.  The key words in this situation are limitations and potential. Genetic testing, pros and cons alike will not provide a definitive positive or negative answer in relation to there are pre existing conditions within your genetic makeup.  It merely identifies such existing conditions as having the potential to become something adverse such as the development of various diseases or defects.  These so called predictive answers are not absolute or conclusively accurate and it will instill a sense of confusion within the person who possesses the information as to what steps to take next.  This is where the cons aspect of genetic testing comes to fore.  Do you have the pre existing condition or the defect and if so, do you seek treatment, or predicated on the possible aspect of it all, do you not?

With genetic testing, pros and cons alike, it is difficult to ascertain if such testing is what you really want, even though the pros and cons of genetic testing reveal the potential variants of likely defects or diseases.  It is this uncertainty that makes such testing good or bad.  What you need to do is to learn more about genetic testing and talk to your doctor about its benefits and its negative implications.  Another con in the aspect of genetic testing pros and cons is the legal issue in regards to safeguarding your privacy, after all, it is your genetic make up that is being revealed and studied.  You could have perfectly normal, healthy genes, however the way that the environment affects them could result in disease, although it isn’t entirely understood how this comes about.  Again, genetic testing will tell you that all is well, but environmental conditions may affect them and produce disease or defect anyway.  Again, research, understand and talk to your physician.

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