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Getting The Truth

By: - Consumer Electronics - July 20, 2011
ge monogram appliances getting the truth

GE Monogram appliances are made by General Electric, a tried and trusted name in home appliances.  Many a GE Monogram appliances review has been done that shows what customers can expect from this popular range.  In fact, the range has been mentioned even in major websites and consumer type magazines as being worth investing in.  Therefore, it is not a big surprise that GE has again proven its worth a long standing manufacturer of quality appliances.  Being one of the world’s biggest appliance manufacturers, GE products are highly rated.  However, does this apply across the board with Monogram items?

GE Monogram appliances have improved in many ways on the appliances that have become household names in our homes.  They are both stylish and energy efficient, meeting the modern needs of consumers who are faced with the increasing need to go green and reduce their energy bills as much as they can, especially in light of the looming darkness in the US and European economies.  As you will see from this GE Monogram appliances review, there are pros and cons to this new range of appliances.  For example, their new wine cooler has been plagued with complaints about insufficient room between their shelves, leaving some owners unable to put some wine bottle sizes into their coolers and making it very difficult to keep their prized wines cool.  However, other GE Monogram type appliances have come out with good marks, including their single ovens.  Their latest Advantium electric has increased the speed at which food cooks, making it into a quick and efficient appliance.  In fact, the product is so popular that it may yet take over from the conventional form of oven because it cuts any cooking times by at least one-eighth.  But as if that was not enough, you could easily use this oven instead of a high powered microwave, though without the microwave technology.  Another GE Monogram appliance that has come up trumps in some areas and not others is their beverage center, which has had generally mixed reviews.  It is very sleek, as with all of the Monogram line, but regardless of its looks, the cooler simply is not keeping drinks as cold as customers want it to.  Many customers are asking why such nice looks and why not enough features, though others find the product more than satisfactory for their needs.

One cannot fail to notice that GE Monogram appliances have their positive and negative sides, but don’t all appliances? The reality that we can show in this GE Monogram appliances review is that nothing is perfect, but even though the Monogram line has some minor issues by comparison to other appliances brands, the fact is that the product line in general is a worthwhile investment.  Thus it is probably good to do your own research and test the appliances in the line before buying anything to see if you are getting all the benefits and features that you need.  Remember, this is a new line and the technology being used is advanced, but even advanced technology sometimes takes time to iron out the bugs.  The question really is whether or not you find these appliances meet your needs and budget requirements or whether another equivalent set of appliances will work better for you.  So, in conclusion, the Monogram line is good, but the final choice is up to you.

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