Ganoderma Benefits

-Is Prevention Better Than A Cure?

By: - Supplements - May 31, 2011
ganoderma benefits

For a long time the Reishi or Ganoderma mushroom has been used to promote a long life and health in traditional Chinese medicines.  In more recent years Ganoderma benefits have become more widely known and as such the mushroom has become more popular with the west as well. What is Ganoderma? It is a redish mushroom that comes under the polypore types of mushrooms. Chinese people have been using this mushroom for its health benefits for many years and it holds a special place in the traditional medicines used among Asian cultures.   The mushrooms actual scientific name is Ganoderma Lucidum, however for most of the Chinese and Japanese people it is more commonly known as Lingzhi, while Korean people will often refer to it as Yeongji. Although this mushroom can be eaten, it is not recommended by anyone that you should cook with it.

It is said that the Ganoderma benefits including being able to keep your cholesterol in check and support the immune system. The mushroom itself is not very pleasant tasting and it is said to be very hard and tough.  Ganoderma benefits are also said to include properties that can help boost or stimulate the immune system which is very beneficial for people who are not well or have some kind of immune deficiency.

The Ganoderma herb has a beneficial effect on the liver, it acts as a protector for the liver and as such will help fight off any unwanted bacteria.  It is fair to say that western medicine is still somewhat skeptical about the Ganoderma herb and mushroom benefits, and perhaps that is because the west still waits for an ultimate cure once you actually have a disease diagnosed.  However many Asian countries and doctors believe that by taking the Ganoderma herb or mushroom can provide a line of defense in the way of preventing cancers and other such ailments to such with.  There are many things in which you can do to help prevent diseases say traditional Chinese medicine doctors.  Bring balance to your life is also a major factor in the prevention of diseases, things such as managing stress, gentle but effective exercises and taking natural medicines or natural immune supplements all form a part in this.

As with any natural supplements or medicines you should check with your treating health professional prior to taking them, in case it does interfere with your pharmaceutical medications.