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– Understanding What Started This Amazing Sort Of Design Fashion

By: - Interior Design - June 3, 2011
fung shway

Is it fung shway or fung shui? Well, the proper name in Chinese is the second one and the pronunciation is usually found in Western cultures and thus confused with the original spelling.  It refers to a system whereby a person uses natural Earth and Heaven laws through aesthetics to improve their life and gain positive energy, known as gi.  Alternatively, you can find that energy through geography and astronomy, where positive energy rides the waters and winds of the world around you.

Fung shway was used quite widely as a means of finding the appropriate orientation for new buildings, a spiritual destined location, especially when it came to the building of varied structures, including homes and tombs.  Most modern practitioners still use varied styles to make their referenced determinations in relation to geographical features, including such bodies as a compass, stars or water.  However, according to history, fung shui was suppressed by the Communists in China during the 1960s revolution of modern Chinese culture.  However, its popularity in recent years has been on the increase.  At present, the Hongshan and Yangshao cultures are the earliest known users of this spiritual guidance for finding the balance between the universe and people.

Back in four thousand BC, Banpo dwelling doors were carefully aligned towards the stars, shortly after the winter solstice had taken place, given homes positive solar gain.  That is why the idea of fung shway is commonly used by the green movement because it uses natural things to improve the viability and warm of a home or building.  It also allows people to enjoy reduced heating and more exposure to vitamin D as the sun flows through their homes all year round.  One fine example of the fung shui concept being used for modern architecture is in British Columbia, Canada, where the influences can be seen in very airy homes, open plan designs and plenty of light flooding through south facing and large windows in homes and businesses.  As such, the whole concept has become an interior design concept as well as one related to the positioning of a building for better solar exposure.  Many people are choosing this ancient methodology to find balance in what have become very stressful types of lives.

Photo: interior design fung shui – copyright 2007, Benjwong; reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0

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